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If you’re getting ready to buy a home? I want to be your real estate agent! So much so in fact, I am willing to pay you up to 50% of my sales commission* to have that privilege.

In the vast majority of cases. When a home is sold, real estate brokerages and their buyer agents are compensated by homeseller’s in the form of a sales commission.

For new and resale homes, the commission is usually 2.5%. For new built condo’s, it can be as high as 4%.

Lets look at an example…

Sam and Rebecca purchased the home of their dreams in Port Credit Mississauga after we visited 5 detached homes together. The purchase price was $685,000 and they received a cash back rebate* of $8,562.50.

Now here’s the math…
1) Purchase price: $685,000.00
2) Commission offered by homeseller: 2.5%
3) Commission rebate percentage: 50% (We visited 5 properties together).

$685,000.00 x 2.5% = $17,125.00 X 50% = $8,562.50

Since Sam and Rebecca are movie fanatics. They decided to use their cash back rebate* to buy a 70″ big screen television, a top of the line surround sound system, a blue-ray player with media streaming capabilities, and some large comfy furniture to create a home theatre room in their basement.

To determine how much you would receive based on your home buying budget. Please use my cashback calculator.

Surveys show the majority of homebuyers will make a purchase after viewing 5 to 12 homes. Our goal using smart search techniques, will be to find your home within 7 viewings to ensure you will receive the maximum rebate* amount possible.


Everyone receives a rebate*

Regardless of how many homes we have to visit. You are guaranteed to receive at least 20% of my sales commission!

Wondering if you will receive great service?

I am aware some people might wonder “why would a real estate agent give away 1/2 his commission unless he’s no good” We’ll my reason why is simple! Once you have worked with me, and you have experienced exceptional service and acheived great results. I know you will refer me to your friends and family, which will keep me gainfully employed in my chosen profession for many years to come. Here’s what some of my past buyer clients have to say…

It’s a no-brainer…

I am a full-time, full service real estate agent, who will provide you with exceptional service, and I will make sure you acheive the results you are looking for! And in the end you will have a nice little pile of cash to either go on a well deserved vacation, or you can buy some of the items on your “wouldn’t it be great if I had” wish list.

Have a question? – Looking for an answer?…

Our FAQ section likely has it covered, but if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can send me a message, or give me a call and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


*Conditions and Limitations

1. Buyer must enter an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement and purchase a home offering a minimum 1.5% commission (Or dollar value equivalent) to HomeLife Classic Realty Inc, Brokerage.
2. Buyer must sign a declaration confirming they are not under contract with another Brokerage before signing a Buyer Representation Agreement with HomeLife Classic Realty Inc., Brokerage.
3. If it is discovered Buyer was under contract with another Brokerage during the currency of the contract with HomeLife Classic Realty Inc., Brokerage. Buyer agrees to refund the cash back rebate within 3 business days.
4. The commission rebate percentage (%) is determined by a sliding scale from 20% to 50% based on the number of showings prior to purchasing a home.
5. The Rebate is calculated on property purchase price NET of HST (if applicable) times (x) commission percentage (%) offered by seller or builder times (x) commission rebate percentage (%).
6. The Rebate is only paid to the name(s) registered on the agreement of purchase and sale.
7. Rebates are not offered on pre-construction VIP condo sales or properties personally listed for sale by Robert Kirkwood, or on properties where a referral fee is being paid to another brokerage.
8. Rebates are not valid with any other offers or promotions.

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