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Not at all! I am a full time, full service real estate agent that offers exceptional service at a discounted commission rate. Click here for complete details on what services are included in my low listing fee.

The amount you offer is up to you, but the going rate being offered to cooperating brokerages (Buyer s agents) in the GTA is 2.5%, and that is the amount I strongly suggest.

Absolutely! My job is to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible, and I will be notifying my cash back clientel as soon as your home is ready to show.

There is no best time, since properties do sell year round, but listing in a “sellers market” (When buyer demand exceeds supply) usually translates into a sucessful sale within a shorter period of time. In the GTA, weather conditions and holiday periods are often a consideration. Generally the slowest period is witnessed from mid November till early January as buyers and sellers turn their attention to the holidays. Ultimately, you will have the best results if your house is available to show to prospective buyers continuously until it sells.

Price is the number one factor which determines whether your home makes it on a buyers “homes to view list”. Therefore, it is important to remember that your home’s value is determined by the buyer. The right price will attract buyers and allow you to get the most money within the shortest period of time possible.

This depends on your property’s current condition, the condition of the local real estate market, and how it is priced. There are a number of steps you could take to spruce up a property before putting it on the market. These could range from a basic cleaning to a full renovation. The deciding factor will be the return on investment or ROI. One way to make a great ROI without breaking the bank is by giving your property a top-to-bottom makeover. This could include rearranging furniture, decluttering, purchasing new accessories, repairing minor flaws, cleaning the house thoroughly, and adding a fresh coat of paint where needed.

Showing a pre-sale inspection report to potential buyers will set you apart from other sellers. It signals that you’re being upfront about your property and not trying to hide anything. This gives potential buyers peace of mind, and it will weed out the buyers who may not be prepared to do any small (or large) fixes if you decide to sell the property as is, and not fix any issues brought to your attention in the pre-sale home inspection report.

In Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto, where bidding wars have become commonplace. Providing a pre-sale home inspection report will often give potential buyers the assurances they need to confidently submit offers without a home inspection clause, which generally leads to more offers and a higher selling price, and a less stressful selling experience.

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